Unipart Rail – In The Spotlight

With less than 3 weeks to go, lets have a look at what some companies are planning.

In the spotlight today is Unipart Rail

Monty Milburn is the HSE Manager for Unipart Rail and is taking on the role of Rail Safety Week Champion.  Monty has been planning numerous events across the week to drive the rail safety message home within the company.

Unipart Rail’s contribution to supporting Rail Safety Week is as follows;

With Rail Safety Week fast approaching here at Unipart Rail we’re getting geared up for a jam-packed week of events.

To coincide with Rail Safety Week we will be implementing the following:

Site Perception Survey

The survey would be given to all Unipart Rail Employees to complete. After completion, we (safety team) would analise the results and feedback to the exec and via briefings/e-mails etc to the rest of the workforce.

Safety Briefings

These briefings will discuss a different safety matter each day. A safety bulletin will be issued to departments each day, again focusing on a different safety issue

Poster Campaign

Posters will be placed around each site promoting Rail Safety Week.

Site Auditing

Each site safety manager will complete a brief H&S audit on a different site (fresh pair of eyes). This will be discussed together with findings and share best practise.

For more information on any of the above or if you would like to speak with Monty from Unipart Rail, please contact Alan Tarrant for details.

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