In the spotlight today is VolkerRail

Stuart Spriggs is the HSQE director for VolkerRail and is taking on the role of Rail Safety Week Champion.  Stuart has been planning numerous events across the week to drive the rail safety message home within the company.

VolkerRail’s contribution to supporting Rail Safety Week is as follows;

Rail Safety Week is an industry led initiative focusing on rail safety for all. VolkerRail has taken up the challenge and will be focussing on hazard/close call identification and management for this week, which is being publicised across the industry.

Between Monday 26 and Sunday 2 October, all worksites, depots and site office locations will have daily (or per shift) hazard spotting exercises planned into the day, using the existing processes but taking note of the amount of hazards raised/closed locally; using photos as a visual feedback mechanism to all. Results will be displayed on noticeboards or other accessible visual areas.

In addition, for worksites/work areas, shift changeover sheets (short questionnaire) will be used to determine issues inherited and actioned before start of works.

Throughout the week SMT members will also visit worksites, depots and site office locations where they will note all existing hazards and housekeeping issues etc. and score accordingly; taking into account those already spotted/addressed/closed etc.

All hazard/close call data, shift changeover sheets and SMT feedback will be reviewed by the SMT and publicised (internally and externally) with special recognition given to the best worksites, depots, site offices and individuals that are really engaged and making a difference.

For more information on any of the above or if you would like to speak with Stuart from VolkerRail, please contact Alan Tarrant for details

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