Aquarius Rail – In The Spotlight

With less than 3 weeks to go, lets have a look at what some companies are planning.

In the spotlight today is Aquarius Railroad Technologies LTD

Abi Broadley is the Business Development Director for Aquarius Rail and is taking on the role of Rail Safety Week Champion.  Abi has been planning numerous events across the week to drive the rail safety message home within the company.

Aquarius Rail’s contribution to supporting Rail Safety Week is as follows;

With Rail Safety Week fast approaching here at Aquarius we’re getting geared up for the launch the first ‘Road2Rail Welfare’ with toilets for men and women, with a kitchen and a rest area. This will reduce the need to walk on track to welfare facilities off track. R2R Welfare will also improve staff well-being.

We hold toolbox talks within our company to reinforce the Network Rail Life saving rules with particular focus on fatigue management.

We are also looking to get customer involvement but details are to follow.

For more information on any of the above or if you would like to speak with Abi from Aquarius Rail, please contact Alan Tarrant for details.

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